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Are The Taliban Murdering Sunnis in Afghanistan?

Below is my answer to someone who commented on SouthFront that the Taliban are killing Sunnis and are puppets of the U.S.

Seriously, I think I need a blog to educate people like you. Because it seems you’ve swallowed too much propaganda and are unable to see the through the web of lies on SouthFront and other anti-Sunni propaganda websites. I’m posting this answer here because SouthFront censures my comments on their website. Here’s what the commenter said:

“Dude your “power slides” are typical fairy-tales of MB Wahhabi terrorist sympathizer.

The reality is that if Taliban militia continues its path of destruction and killings, Afghanistan would go back to the same chaos that engulfed it 20 years ago.

It will be divided into sphere of influence of different militias and unfortunately bloodshed will continue all because of the insistence of Taliban militia to terrorize and impose its will on the population of Afghanistan. A good idea would be for Taliban militia to start talking with other Muslims to bring peace to Afghanistan. But it won’t happen as Taliban militias has agreed to not kill Americans and now Taliban militias will only kill Muslims. But they will face the reaction and this cycle it will continue.

After Turkish involvement, one can “see the power slides” of more killings of Sunnis, unfortunately this has been the reality in Syria, Libya and now it is coming to Afghanistan thanks to non-Muslim non-Sunni military alliance of NATO and its member Turkey, your beloved Sunni country.”

With that out of the way, here’s my reply to the comment above.

Being a Sunni Muslim doesn’t make you a true Muslim. What makes you a true Muslim is your willingness to accept and help enforce Allah’s law (Shariah) as practiced by the the first three generations of Muslims.

The Taliban say they don’t have a problem with Ghani ruling Afghanistan, but on one condition: That he enforces the Shariah in its entirely without cherry picking. This is something the Sunnis in Ghani’s camp cannot achieve because the Sharia will force them to cut their alliance with America. America won’t allow that and that’s why Ghani is unable to fulfill this key Taliban request.

Many Afghan soldiers are surrendering every day. the Taliban NEVER launches an attack until it sends message for the soldiers to surrender. Others accept this Taliban offer but others fight to the death. The Taliban also arrests others which they also release from time to time.

When they take war prisoners, they hardly kill them. They try to invite them back to the fold of true Islam and then take photographs of soldiers who promise not to fight the Taliban again before releasing such soldiers. If a soldier is caught for the second time, they are killed. So it is clear that the Taliban are doing all they can to preserve the lives of Sunni soldiers in the ANF and are not killing them blindly as you seem to suggest.

About civil war engulfing Afghanistan, I’ll say that’s almost a certainty. But the Taliban won a civil war before and were able to maintain control over 90% of Afghanistan – something the Ghani government has never enjoyed. The fear of a civil war is not going to deter the Taliban from enacting Shariah law in Afghanistan. And much of the Sunni Muslim world back them in this regard.

This is not an article. It’s just a comment which was supposed to appear on SF but was blocked.

If you have any question or disagreement with the view in this answer, you’re free to say so in the comments and I or someone else will answer you.

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